Dokukiwix is a plugin for Dokuwiki, a powerful file-based Wiki engine. It allows you to generate a static HTML version of your wiki, so that your users can download it and then browse your wiki while being offline.

The name Dokukiwix comes from Dokuwiki, and Kiwix, a XUL-based browser, working on Gnu/Linux, Mac and Windows, developed by the french company Linterweb. It will allow you to add a search engine to your wiki.

The actual features include:

  • Support of pictures and other internal media
  • Retrieval of external pictures
  • Generation of a hierarchical file structure corresponding to the namespaces of your wiki
  • Ability to pause/resume the html generation process.
  • A simple logging system


Dokukiwix screenshot


The latest version is Dokukiwix 0.3:

You will also need a special template for your offline version:

You can also grab the older releases:


  • Install the plugin with the plugin manager, in the admin section.
  • Make sure the directory /lib/plugins/dokukiwix/archive is writable by the webserver.
  • Get the "offline" template, and unzip it in /lib/tpl/
  • In inc/common.php:
    function wl($id='',$more='',$abs=false,$sep='&'){
      global $conf;
      if (defined("dokukiwix_plugin")) return dokukiwix_wl($id, $more, $abs, $sep);
    function ml($id='',$more='',$direct=true,$sep='&'){
      global $conf;
      if (defined("dokukiwix_plugin")) return dokukiwix_ml($id,$more,$direct, $sep);
  • Check the settings of your PHP: if you have huge pages or pages that link to several big external pictures, you may need to raise the timeout limit or the maximal memory allowed.


Version 0.3:

  • Added logging textarea.
  • Added index.html file, redirecting to the real home page of the archive.
  • Improved startup code.
  • Added COPYING file, dokukiwix is under GPLv2.
  • Some minor bugfixes and cleanup.

Version 0.2:

  • Added locking system.
  • Pause/resume/stop buttons added
  • Improved the way wiki links are handled
  • Better file hierarchy

Version 0.1:

  • Initial version.

Known bugs

None yet. Please contact me if you encounter some.